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If you’re creative, you don’t have to buy into the stereotype of the starving artist. With a good art and design degree and a career plan, you can have a creative career that is fulfilling and lucrative. Art and design graduates launch their own companies, work for architects and interior design firms, advertising companies, web design businesses, and even work in the movie and entertainment industries.

Art and design degrees lead to great careers because we live in a visual world. Look around you — during the average day, you might watch movies, TV, and browse dozens of websites. You might flip through magazines and newspapers while waiting for appointments and check out flyers for the best deals. Everything around you is designed with visual images – and they all required art and design graduates to create. There is a great deal of demand for talented art and design graduates to create everything from CD art to fine homes.

In the world of arts and design, there are many careers, degrees, and certificate programs you can pursue to follow your dreams. Traditional colleges and online schools offer an array of options for creative types. For example, if you love the Internet and feel comfortable around computers, an education in graphic design allows you to design websites and online applications. If you love clothing, pursuing a career in fashion through a degree or certificate course allows you to design clothing and enter the exciting fashion industry. If you love homes, you might wish to pursue interior design to help people create wonderful homes for themselves. Or, you may wish to pursue a degree in architecture to help create homes and public buildings that will be appreciated for generations to come. If you want to paint and show your art in galleries, a fine arts degree may be a good option for you.

If you want to find out how an art and design degree can lead you to the creative career of your dreams, be sure to check out, a great resource for career planning, degree planning, and school research. Here, you’ll find which schools offer art and design degrees and you’ll even be able to track down sources of financial aid so that you can afford your degree.

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