Criminal Justice

Do have a strong sense of justice and helping people? Do you enjoy watching crime shows on television or the movies and think, “I would love to do that…?”

A degree in criminal justice may be a perfect fit for you.

A degree in criminal justice can point your career in a variety of directions including law enforcement, corrections and probation officer, youth care counselor, government, management, forensic crime scene technologist, children’s advocate, terrorism consultant and police academy instructor.

If you enjoy technology, the demand for individuals with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice is increasing at a pace that far surpasses qualified candidates.

With a degree in criminal justice you’ll have a solid understanding of criminal justice methods in America, including how the courts and correctional institutions operate. You’ll also learn about forensics, the psychology behind criminal activity, law, and specialized interpersonal communication skills.

Criminal Justice Degree Programs

There are dozens of criminal justice degree programs available today which are through accredited on-campus schools and universities and on-line courses.

Salaries vary widely and depend on your chosen career field and experience.

Careers in criminal justice are not for the faint-hearted. You could easily encounter death scenes, human trauma and suffering and long, odd hours. If those things don’t bother you, then you may find a degree in criminal justice the most rewarding career of your life. is dedicated to helping you find the perfect school campus or on-line program for your Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or specialized Criminal Justice Certification.


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