Culinary Arts

Do you have a flair for food? Do you love to dabble in your kitchen with exotic recipes? Do you enjoy cooking for family and friends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a degree in culinary arts from the dozens of reputable culinary art schools in the U.S. might be your perfect new career.

Imagine a career in culinary arts that lets you enjoy what you do, and be as creative as your imagination and food choices allow!

Students attending culinary arts schools can obtain their degrees in such specialty programs such as standard culinary cuisine, international baking and pastry and culinary management.

One huge advantage of obtaining a culinary arts degree from a reputable and accredited school or vocational trade learning center is the fact that there will always be a high demand for individuals with the ability to cook in restaurants, luxury hotels, resorts, cruise ships and private and public institutions.

Job placement immediately after graduation from a culinary art school or vocational trade learning center is very high.

Culinary Arts Starting Salaries

Salaries for chefs or head cooks vary widely, but the national average for an entry level culinary graduate is between $28,000-$32,000. Of course your culinary arts degree will certainly give you a huge advantage over others who haven’t attended a culinary arts program and received a culinary arts degree.

Obtaining your degree in culinary arts can be full of excitement and variety all while giving you creative liberty as the artist in the kitchen! is here to help you explore the many culinary art school and vocational learning center options available to you right now.


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