Degree Planning FAQ

Earning a degree can take years, so it’s a big project that will require some planning. You will need to choose the right degree program, enroll successfully, and complete all the requirements for your degree. You may have many questions about the process:

Q: What degree should I pursue?
A: Like choosing a school, choosing a degree is a big decision. The degree you choose will determine your career options and the jobs you qualify for. To determine which degree works for you, you may wish to consider what jobs interest you, what subjects fascinate you, and your academic skills. If there is a subject area that you have always done well in, for example, you may wish to pursue that subject as a degree area.

Q: Help! I’m not sure I qualify for the degree I really want?

A: Many degrees have prerequisites, which means that in order to enroll in the degree program, you need to have specific high school courses or even college courses completed. If you’re not sure whether you can enroll in a degree program, can help by helping you research degree program requirements. The good news is that you can often make up the prerequisite courses you need online or at your chosen school before you enroll.

Q: How can I choose the right degree for the career I want?
A: The simplest option is to decide what career or job you want and then talk to people in that field to find out what degrees they have. You can also look at job want ads to find out what degrees are in demand. also makes it easy, by helping you to research career options and degrees you may need for each career field, so that you can match a degree to your chosen job.

Q: I’m nervous about the degree I have chosen – what can I expect?
A: Once you have chosen a degree, you will need to complete all the requirements and coursework for your degree in order to graduate. Not to worry – can show you exactly what you need to do in order to graduate with bright job prospects before you!

Q: Why do I need to plan for a degree?
A: A degree is a big commitment. It usually takes years and tens of thousands of dollars to complete a degree. Planning allows you to choose the right degree, enroll successfully, and graduate. Planning ensures that you complete all the requirements of your degree so that you don’t have to spend extra time completing courses and requirements in order to graduate.

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