A degree in education can help you teach children, adults, or even non-English speakers. If you love spending time with people and love helping others, education can be a great career choice. As well, a degree in education is a very solid type of career insurance – teachers are always in demand, so the odds of finding a good job are very good with this type of degree.

Choosing a Specialty for your Degree in Education

When you pursue a career in education, you will need to pursue a specialty as part of your degree. For example, you may decide to seek a career in early childhood education if you wish to teach young children. You can also pursue a program in special education if you want to help make a difference in the lives of special needs children and adults. As part of your training, you will generally learn how to keep special needs students safe and how to teach important life skills. Some degree programs train you to teach ESL, or English as a Second Language. With this type of degree, you can travel all over the world to teach English or you can teach English to adults and children in private schools or language institutes or in schools. Another popular education degree specialty is secondary education, which prepares you to teach specific subject areas in high school. When pursuing your education degree, you can also choose to focus on a specific subject area. For example, you may train to become a French instructor.

An education degree leaves you with many options. You can teach at private schools, special educational institutions, public schools, and even some colleges. Some people with education degrees choose to become private tutors or teachers. Online schools and colleges are also in need of teachers. With an education degree, you can also pursue government work in education or become a curriculum or course designer. Today, with so many companies designing educational materials, education degree holders are also needed as consultants and as designers of educational material that ranges from interactive learning software to textbooks.

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