College Degree Along With Military That Provides High Paying Careers

In our day and age, military jobs and careers are abundant and provide numerous opportunities both during service and afterwards! Provided you are a valuable asset for your country, you will climb ranks and achieve any position and status you wish.

Moreover, upon retiring you have multiple opportunities still open for you due to the time served. From interesting and stimulating military jobs to the respect and admiration of your new peers, here are the 7 best military careers you can choose that will lead to high paying civilian jobs!

Want a high paying career after you serve in the military?  Then chose your military school wisely. Don’t allow recruiters convince you a school or trade based on the needs of the military. Here are 7 high paying military jobs that pay big bucks in the civilian world. Do your homework! It’s your life!

Do you have what it takes?

Serving in the military is something not everyone is capable of. It requires a certain character, a certain type of psychological structure to fill in the shoes of someone in the military. So, if you feel like you fit the profile or that you have a certain skill or talent that you wish to put to use for your country then perhaps a military career is indeed for you.

Why waste another minute of your youth, strength and mental sharpness when you can use them to their highest potential for a good and noble cause?

Without further ado…here are the 7 jobs:

#1: Intelligence Analyst ($80,000-$120,000)

If you are interested in sifting through information to determine how reliable and significant something is, then this is definitely for you! Fortunately, this is a job that can do even after you put your uniform to rest! Therefore, you will find that even upon retirement, your skills will be in demand at government agencies and in private business. For example, you can find military-friendly companies interested in this kind of work.

#2: Logistic Analyst ($70,000-$90,000)

Managing supply chains, as well as tracking inventory and transporting supplies efficiently is something very important in the military. As such, such military career choices carry over their importance in the civilian world as well. Outside the military, working as a manager in a world where commerce is expanding globally can be very fruitful with your background.

#3: Program Manager, Aviation ($120,000-$160,000)

Managing projects or contracts, developing timelines and supervising staff and budgets as a military career can open quite some big doors afterwards. Your military training transfers well to the aerospace arena where jobs will swarm around you like bees to honey!

#4: Pilot ($90,000-$170,000)

Multiple combat tours, experience in flying in extreme situations as a fellow army pilot can make you extremely attractive to airlines. Who wouldn’t want an ex-army pilot to fly a commercial airplane safely around the world?

#5: FBI Agent ($115,000-$160,000)

Military careers have very structured chains of command, which are quite similar to the ones in the law enforcement field. For this reason, vets often transition to the FBI after their career comes to a finish.

#6: Security Manager ($70,000-$120,000)

Planning and coordinating all security activities, safeguarding people’s physical integrity and that of various assets is something very important in the military. Fortunately, the skills needed for such a position are just as valuable in the outside world. This means you can supervise afterwards the security staff and create security standards for safety.

#7: Project Manager, Construction ($60,000-$90,000)

A job in the military oftentimes includes construction. After all, the military builds a lot of things: bridges, roads and so on. Civilian construction companies are known for the inability to deliver on time every now and then, and clearly someone with a military background possesses the structure and discipline to not only complete works on time, but do it in an organized manner.

All things considered, taking into consideration military careers for high paying civilian jobs is something one should definitely reflect on. After all, living your prime years among the military is a noble cause that is generously rewarded with extraordinary job opportunities most people can only dream about!

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