Religious Studies

If you have strong faith and wish to help others with their faith, religious studies can help
you launch your career in ministry. Religious studies today are more diverse than ever before. Today, religious studies programs are not just for people who wish to become pastors or ministers. Instead, graduates of these programs can launch their own churches, offer Christian services, such as counseling or faith-based writing, or can become faith consultants to schools or organizations.

People who pursue Christian studies degrees, for example, can choose to teach at Christian schools or can choose to become ministers or other faith-based professionals. Some religious studies and Christian studies programs allow graduates to specialize in youth ministry, which prepares graduates to become youth ministers or to organize youth camps and youth faith-based events. Another popular specialization in religious studies and Christian studies is religious counseling. This degree program prepares you to become a faith-based counselor – including a Christian marriage counselor – to help people and couples in need.

A degree in religious studies – whether in youth ministry, Christian studies, religious counseling, or another area of specialization – prepares you to help others and to interact with others. In many cases, a strong faith and commitment to your beliefs is a requirement for this type of degree program. Many people who pursue religious studies see
themselves as having a vocation to help others or a responsibility to God to help others.

Religious studies graduates today have a very good chance of finding meaningful work. There are many ministries and religious organizations today looking for professionals who can help their congregations. In fact, some churches and religious organizations have a shortage of able ministers and other professionals. Plus, a number of faith-based businesses have been established in recent years, and these, too, often need religious studies graduates. For example, there are Christian publishing houses, Christian newspapers, Christian moviemakers, Christian recording studios, and other Christian businesses often looking for religious studies graduates as employees.

Today, you don’t necessarily have to attend traditional colleges or bible colleges to pursue religious studies, either. A number of online schools across the country offer these degrees, too. To learn more about religious degrees, schools that offer these degrees,
and financial aid available for these programs, be sure to check out, the hot new resource for all things related to your next career and your education.

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