There’s no doubt about it: we currently live in a technology age. From the moment we get up in the morning to the moment our eyes close at night, we rely on technology to keep us safe, to keep us healthy, and to keep us organized and productive. This means that we need lots of professionals who can design, create, and help us manage the technology we rely on. Since technology today changes so fast, there is a real demand for
more technology graduates with the skills and knowledge to help us. If you have an interest in being in a cutting-edge, lucrative, and hot career, technology just might be your discipline.

A technology degree can prepare you for many exciting career paths. A degree in surgical technology, for example, lets you help medical professionals before, during, and after a surgery. Surgical technology professionals literally help save lives every day by ensuring that technology is used correctly in the operating room. Getting a degree in security systems, on the other hand, lets you help people stay safe by designing or maintaining technology desired to provide security. If you love gadgets, a degree in electronics may
just help you design tomorrow’s next hot must-have item. If you want to combine creativity with a love of technology, a cosmetology certificate or degree can help you do that. There are many fields and disciplines within technology to suit just about every interest.

You can study technology at just about any traditional college. There are also many online schools that allow you to study for a new career in your spare time – all without you having to move your life. To find out what opportunities await you in technology fields or other degree programs, check out On, you’ll find resources about financial aid, degree planning, and schools. From school reviews to concrete, expert advice on choosing the right major, you’ll find the help you need at

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